Computer Technology and IT Devices are developing at such a rapid speed that technological revolution will go to unpredictable stage. The Computer Technology has passed through several generations of developments starting from 1st generation with Vacuum Tubes and Magnetic Drums, up to 5th generation with Artificial Intelligence. Another generation of development known as 6th generation is also becoming a practical reality.

Data Acquisition is a technical terminology. It is a high technological process, which is growing very rapidly with reliable Data Acquisition Systems consisting of sophisticated hardwares and high quality softwares. Sensors which convert physical parameters to electrical and other signals, are helping various improvements in Data Acquisition Systems in a big way with development of sensor technology and nano-sensors. With high quality softwares, Data Acquisition is now effectively controlled by software programmes. Good interfacing techniques among various hardware devices with improved Device Drivers, are also ensuring further improvements in Data Acquisition Systems.

Some business houses are making continuous efforts to explore the collection of huge data for IT professionals and utilize the same for much stronger business. The data comes from everywhere, both in structured and unstructured forms. The handling of huge data through Analysis, Storage, Processing and Management, will not only increase the business, but also will ensure corporate growth for all fields of Engineering, especially in IT sectors. It is important to know who owns the data and how data quality is maintained.

Computerized storage of data and proper utilization will require further development of new softwares keeping economic application in mind, so that more commercial application will take place. Software based storage management will be hardware dependent and further developments in hardware technology will be beneficial.

Various ideas, concepts, and applications of scientific theories for improving the Computer and IT Technology are coming up from all directions. We all know that great Scientist Albert Einsten gave the concept of Relativity Theory and Quantum Mechanics, whose applications are now taking place in many new areas. Very recently there was a news item, based on idea and research from China, which indicates that Einstein’s concept on Quantum Mechanics may lead to ultra secure internet. The concept says that Internet System may provide unprecedented security for Internet Messages through a future “Quantum Internet” and related developments may assist the growth in the area of Data Transfer.

The Researchers, Students, Scientists, Industrialists, Entrepreneurs are all required to realize the high potential of Data Acquisition, Storage, Processing and Management. They should take up more research and development activities in this regard.

Prof. (Dr.) N. K. Kole, India

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