Innovations for products and services in Industrial Organizations, Innovative Teaching Learning Process in Education Sectors and Innovative Practices in every sphere of human life, have so much of importance to-day that Govt. of India has set up a National Innovation Council (India), to discuss, analyze and implement strategies for innovations. It has also the role to suggest a road map for innovation 2010-2020.

To encourage, Intellectual Property (IP) orientated technology development through R&D output in terms of innovations, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India is encouraging the Universities and University Level Institutions to set up “Innovation Facilitation Centers” under a Funding Scheme, through National Research Development Corporation. This initiative of the Govt. of India will create a better environment for Innovation spirit among the faculties, students and researchers.

Introduction of new or significantly improved goods and services, or a new marketing method or a process, or a new system in business practice in Industrial and commercial organizations and innovative techniques for teaching-learning in educational institutions with the aid of modern Information and Educational Technology, are so much necessary in present day competitions that every organization is required to adopt good innovation management.

The success of any organization including educational institutions depends on good management, excellent management models and scientific management practices. Innovation in general, brings developments in any organization and, therefore, Innovative Practices in Management are essential for improvements and survival.

When we talk about Innovative Practices in Management we should be able to discuss “Innovative Teaching Practices in Management Education” and further development needed in this regard. Moderator Supported Learning Approaches (MSLA) having Learning Appraisal Seminars, Case Debates, Computer Simulations and other techniques as Learning Tools have been suggested by some educationists. They also suggested to encourage Poster Sessions, Break ’n’ Build and Free Fall Learning Technique as very effective “Self Learning Tools”. Evaluation of Learning Assignment for Moderator Supported Learning Approaches and Self Learning Tools based on several variables and proportionate score by the students, to measure abilities for concept development, information search, information utilization, problem solving, creative thinking and logical presentation of ideas are good Suggestions.

Prof (Dr) N.K. Kole, India

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