Lake Parashar Tranquility at its peak

Lake Parashar

Started from Delhi at 5.15 p. m. by Kalka Shatabdi to Chandigarh.  I missed work on this day i. e.  17th April 2015 on pretext of a medical. Got some home work done.  Train journey was pleasant,  had mediocre snacks,  Varun Srivastava was expecting dinner but it wasn’t served. Chatted among us,  meetha was her usual silent self. Reached the hustle bustle of chandigarh railway station at 8.40 p. m.  absolutely correct time. Stated looking for an auto,  saw a big fat dog sitting coolly in one auto’s driver’s seat.  Found an auto to sector 45B,  located our hotel golden plaza 2 which i booked on prior.  Hotel was a budget one, lacked ventilation. After freshening up we left for having dinner,  varun’s idea at sector 35 market. It was 9.50 p.m. then and most shops were closed except few eateries and people were scant, rarely any female was in view. We chose Pashtun,  an indo-afghani restaurant. Ambience and decoration  was eastern medieval. Meetha ordered one rumali roti and chana-masala,  me ordered amritsari kulchha and murg wajid ali,  varun shared my chicken dish with chur chur naan. Food was sumptuous and tasty. Meetha couldn’t finish her chana masala and another amritsari naan which we got packed for ourselves. We went back to the hotel via auto which overcharged us. We slept and woke up at 5.30 a.m. but couldn’t start from the hotel before 6.30 a. m. because of varun’s delayed bowel movements. He got tea and a very bad crunchie called fan from just outside our motel which was awful. We went to sector 43 bus terminal to catch a bus to mandi in himachal pradesh. Most ticket enclosures were empty except ours.  Varun wrestle through the crowd to buy tickets for us. We boarded a haryana roadways bus at 7.20 a. m. This bus halted 3 times in its 7 hours long journey to Mandi. One stop was a very nice gurudwara at Hasthal in punjab beside the IGI Canal. We clicked pictures there,  ate bananas,  we also ate r left over dinner. Unlike me Varun and Meetha are very tiny eaters. We also had a mini lunch at a dhaba at the 2nd stop. We reached mandi at 3 p. m.  We got to know there that a lone bus which goes to lake parashar once a day has left for it at 9.a.m.  So we decided to hire a car, a Swift Desire charged us Rs. 1800 and took is to lake parashar in around 4 hours, just 50 kms but roads are very bad and narrow,  but the scenery is unmatched,  at one point i felt where the hell are we going! But as we reached our destination Lake Parashar was worth every penny we own. There are no commercial hotels there,  only 3 himachal pradesh forest tourism guest houses. One guest house denied us vacant room,  another allowed us thanks to varun’s dramatics,  he made us into hapless females. But this guest house said we have to manage in the drawing room,  we were okay with anything because we were tired. We reached there,  drawing room was huge,  we could have easily slept on the sofas. An old couple who had trekked all the way to lake parashar valley had a booked room there,  they joked seeing our tired self that we should be given a room as we need it more than them. After some time the care taker shifted us to a vacant room.  We used the washroom which was huge,  freshen up and started walking towards lake parashar. The surroundings were breathtaking and peaceful and virgin.  The lake itself in its cup shaped valley looked small but was beautiful.  There was a pagoda style temple beside it dedicated to Sage Parashar. We took a round of the lake and had refreshment in the only tea shop there, it gets chilling after sun set.  We met a group of campers from Rover’s Camp,  they were camping in open.  They gave us a show of fireworks at night too. Tea and Maggi tasted heavenly to our taste buds sitting in that heavenly place. We walked back to our guest house in the moonlight.  I entered a wrong guest house where a group of guys were drinking.  We were shown our way to our guest house by our care taker. We came back had a tasty simple dinner of Rice,  Daal,  Rajma,  Roti and salad. I loved it. After that we stood outside our guest house for quite some time enjoying the serenity and the extreme quietness of the place,  we made our constellations in the clear sky. We also saw fireworks. At night the weather turned chilling cold we needed 2 quilts,  3 blankets one of which we used as a bed sheet.  At night we were the only people in that guest house along with the care taker and a guard,  the old couple left in the late evening. Varun and meetha slept quite well, i woke up twice in the night,  the extreme quietness of the valley was bothering me, my ears were ringing because of the height and cold. But astonishing i got too warm at night and had to throw away my covers.  Next morning we again did a nice trek of the whole valley.  At every point of time during the day the valley was beautiful. We boarded the tiny himachal pradesh transport corporation bus at 1 pm.  which reached mandi at around 5 pm. Our volvo to delhi was at 8.50 pm.  We killed time at mandi by having dinner at a beas side restaurant. Our volvo arrived at 9. The volvo driver drove very perilously in the mandi valley,  i was not puckish but most of the people at the back were.  Then after a bit of cajoling the driver started driving straight.  We reached kashmere gate bus terminal at 7 am. Me and meetha took an auto rickshaw to her home in paschim vihar.  I got ready and went to work from there.

Best time to go to lake parashar : April to June.

Altitude : 8234 feet from sea level

Reach there : From mandi via bus or car

Distance : 60 kms from Mandi.

Timings of bus : 9 am leaves for parashar and 1.15 pm leaves from parashar,  only one bus. Fare is about Rs. 100.

Timings of car : At all times during the day till 4, fare is Rs. 1800,  they charge both ways.

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