Best Random Honest Skincare/Makeup Tips

I am a girl. I am a voracious reader and knowledge sucker about all things which make a person look good be it Skincare, Makeup, Fashion, Fitness, Mental Wellness. The following tips that i am about to share are my personal amalgamation of going through a lot(seriously a lot let say 3 years) of blogs, vlogs, YouTube channels and various personal experiences.

Lets start with Skincare first:

  • Drink lots of water because that’s what clears your skin out.
  • Eat at least one fruit each day, What you eat is more important that what you apply.
  • Scrub with a konjac sponge along with your regular face wash, mild scrubbing makes great difference to skin quality.
  • Use Rose water in a spray bottle daily as a after face wash toner.
  • Apply some sort of moisturizer preferably an aloevera moisturizer after face-wash before going to bed.
  • Eat fruits like blueberries, blackberries, pomegranate, oranges on a regular basis to achieve good skin and body.
  • Exercise on a regular basis also, no explanation needed.


My holy grail makeup tips:

  • Always use a mild scrub before one starts applying makeup.
  • Rub a ice cube wrapped in muslin all over the face (Girls living in humid regions would thank me for this)
  • Use a non-oily moisturizer after that. Wait for 5 minutes at least if you can.
  • Use concealer (weather you think you need it or not), under the eyes, around the nose, around the mouth, infact a lot of things concealer is all you need, one can skip on all others. In India best concealers are available at MAC.
  • Use Foundation sparingly on areas not dabbed on with concealer.
  • Set with a loose or translucent or pressed face powder.
  • While doing eye makeup, blending it well is the key to making your eyes look good. Blend the eyeliner even, both on upper and lower lids of the eyes. Use an eyeshadow base or primer if you want the colors of your eyeshadows to be bright and show prominently.
  • False, natural looking eyelashes make a lot of difference.
  • Skip on anything in eye makeup but not Mascara, a Mascara is as good as its wand design.
  • Blend blend blend the contour, highlight and blush, there must never be any harsh lines on the face.
  • Learn to contour as per your face, girls with round plump faces would benefit greatly from this.
  • Do not apply blush if you have naturally flustered cheeks or if you have chubby cheeks, blush would emphasis more on that chubbiness.
  • Fare skin girls with thin faces can use blush in abundance if needed, dark skin girls should use bronzer as blush.
  • Always apply lip balm, then a little foundation over your lips before your start applying your lip color. Make a glossy lipstick matte by layering face powder between applications.
  • At the end of Makeup application , buff the whole face with a buffing brush loaded with a little bit of pressed face powder.
  • Do not forget your ears, neck and hairline, they should not look different from the rest of your face.
  • Last but not the least, invest in Makeup brushes and face sponges, since i feel Makeup looks as good as the tools used to apply it. đŸ™‚

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