Best Random Honest Skincare/Makeup Tips

I am a girl. I am a voracious reader and knowledge sucker about all things which make a person look good be it Skincare, Makeup, Fashion, Fitness, Mental Wellness. The following tips that i am about to share are my personal amalgamation of going through a lot(seriously a lot let say 3 years) of blogs,Continue reading “Best Random Honest Skincare/Makeup Tips”

Lake Parashar Tranquility at its peak

Started from Delhi at 5.15 p. m. by Kalka Shatabdi to Chandigarh.  I missed work on this day i. e.  17th April 2015 on pretext of a medical. Got some home work done.  Train journey was pleasant,  had mediocre snacks,  Varun Srivastava was expecting dinner but it wasn’t served. Chatted among us,  meetha was herContinue reading “Lake Parashar Tranquility at its peak”


For effective industrialization in the under developed countries and their economic growth, continuous developments with modern techniques in all possible areas are essentially required. As a result of innovative activities of our Scientists, Academicians and Technocrats, India is emerging as a leader in the developing world for rapid industrial growth. The developments of Electronics andContinue reading “RECENT TRENDS IN ELECTRONICS AND TELE-COMMUNICATION DESIGN-2014”


Computer Technology and IT Devices are developing at such a rapid speed that technological revolution will go to unpredictable stage. The Computer Technology has passed through several generations of developments starting from 1st generation with Vacuum Tubes and Magnetic Drums, up to 5th generation with Artificial Intelligence. Another generation of development known as 6th generationContinue reading “DATA ACQUISITION, TRANSFER, PROCESSING AND MANAGEMENT- 2014”

Recent Trends in Civil Engineering-2014

Civil Engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines and has over 5000 years’ of glorious history.  Various technical reports indicate that continuous developments at International Level in the areas of Structural Analysis and Design, Earthquake Engineering, Water Treatment Technologies, Soil Mechanics, Pavement Design, Construction Management, Urban and Regional Planning, are bringing technological revolutions ensuringContinue reading “Recent Trends in Civil Engineering-2014”


Innovations for products and services in Industrial Organizations, Innovative Teaching Learning Process in Education Sectors and Innovative Practices in every sphere of human life, have so much of importance to-day that Govt. of India has set up a National Innovation Council (India), to discuss, analyze and implement strategies for innovations. It has also the roleContinue reading “INNOVATIVE PRACTICES IN MANAGEMENT-2014”


Buildings cause a number of environmental problems as a result of their design, construction, operation and maintenance. They consume large amounts of energy and resources, affecting the quality of air and water leading to climate change. A Green Building is one which uses less water, optimizes energy efficiency, conserves natural resources, generates less waste, providesContinue reading “GREEN BUILDINGS AND RATING SYSTEMS-2014”

Sustainable Bio–fuel Technologies-2014

Rapid population growth in India and increased need for energy security, are forcing us to develop Bio-fuels as alternative energy sources to prevent huge imports of oils by India, from other countries. Among various classifications, there are three main types of Bio-fuels i.e. Solid Bio-fuels, Bio gas and Liquid Bio-fuels, out of which our mainContinue reading “Sustainable Bio–fuel Technologies-2014”


INTRODUCTION Nanotechnology falls in multidisciplinary Engineering and Technology field. The materials and devices in nanotechnology area, are so small that we cannot see the same even with a light microscope. Nano-technological products and techniques have already started developing for commercial application and various patents have been taken by the innovators. The consumer products are alreadyContinue reading “NANOTECHNOLOGY AND ITS POTENTIAL FOR APPLICATION IN VARIOUS FIELDS OF ENGINEERING”

Ritual Unisex Salon in Rishikesh

Ritual Unisex Salon Opened on 2nd May 2014 at Tilak Road, Near Nainital Bank, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand-249201, India. Rishikesh is a spiritual place with the presence of the holy river Ganges. Besides Spiritual enlightenment, Rishikesh also offers holistic rejuvenation and healing options for those who go there to relax and get spa treatments done. Hence thisContinue reading “Ritual Unisex Salon in Rishikesh”