Do not use fairness products

I am totally against using fairness products and have never used them till now and I swear I never would. They are all crap! Ads are even more crappier, totally racist, yes I feel the ads of the fairness products promotes racism and targets people with low self esteem. Yes I am fair and oneContinue reading “Do not use fairness products”

A Stranger turned Friend!

I met a guy on train, yes a complete stranger, we talked for a while and now have become friends. No I am not a kind of person who starts conversation with random strangers while I travel. In fact while traveling alone I have never talked to a stranger till this particular time. I boardedContinue reading “A Stranger turned Friend!”

Men can not help entering the delhi metro coach reserved for women

Just recently I happen to travel by the Women only reserved coach in Delhi Metro. This is really a very good initiative by the DMRC. Women can now travel with relief without getting misbehaved to by men, now women travelers can get seats reserved for them without have to argue with men for it. TheContinue reading “Men can not help entering the delhi metro coach reserved for women”