Do not use fairness products

I am totally against using fairness products and have never used them till now and I swear I never would. They are all crap! Ads are even more crappier, totally racist, yes I feel the ads of the fairness products promotes racism and targets people with low self esteem. Yes I am fair and one […]

Most of the Delhiites have no civic sense

Delhi is mixed metropolitan. By mixed I mean so many different kind of people stay here. People from all over India belonging to different stately cultures has made Delhi their home. Different kinds of people make Delhi very colorful culturally but at the same time make Delhi dirty. Most of the Delhi crowd has no […]

Men can not help entering the delhi metro coach reserved for women

Just recently I happen to travel by the Women only reserved coach in Delhi Metro. This is really a very good initiative by the DMRC. Women can now travel with relief without getting misbehaved to by men, now women travelers can get seats reserved for them without have to argue with men for it. The […]

Every mistake seem unique to people who are fools

Human does errors (machines too but I am not talking about gadgets here!!)…obviously we cannot be perfect. Elders say one should learn from our mistakes. But do we learn from our mistakes, there is only a vague answer to it i.e. some learn and some do not. However the paradox is that the almighty does […]

These people claim they are clean!

A guy is dressed very coolly (read wearing fashionable clothes and accessories, well groomed, looks well educated, talking on mobile in English) munching on some food item like wafers, when he is finished with it, he carelessly drops the wrapping anywhere he desires not bothering to even look around for a thing called Dustbin!! People […]

How did we acquire our CWG 2010 tickets?

Here by we mean me and one of my friends. We first saw an ad in a major newspaper, the ad said that Common Wealth Games 2010 can be bought directly from select Honda showrooms. We went to the select Honda showroom nearest to our place, there the attendant said “This is a Honda showroom, […]

Prayers do work in India!!

When the preparations of the Common Wealth Games 2010 started in New Delhi, the Indian citizens as well the media was very skeptical. Mismanagement on the part of the Organizing Committee,  asynchronization of various departments, dug up roads & footpaths, shortage of workers, delay of completion of infrastructural projects, missed deadlines, traffic snags, crowd management […]

Half the Future of our Nation is like this!

I study in an engineering college; it has MBA, MCA, BCA, B.Pharm, M.Pharm, ME etc. also. So, all professional courses are taught here. Students from various places come here to study. Good hostel facilities are provided here. Every hostel has a TV in its common room area…yeah a single TV for each hostel…each hostel has […]