Lake Parashar Tranquility at its peak

Started from Delhi at 5.15 p. m. by Kalka Shatabdi to Chandigarh.  I missed work on this day i. e.  17th April 2015 on pretext of a medical. Got some home work done.  Train journey was pleasant,  had mediocre snacks,  Varun Srivastava was expecting dinner but it wasn’t served. Chatted among us,  meetha was herContinue reading “Lake Parashar Tranquility at its peak”

Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh

We went to Dalhousie in mid July. Dalhousie is a small hill station situated in Himachal Pradesh, India. We drove from Chandigarh to Dalhousie, it took 10 hours straight. On the way we stopped at the roadside eateries for food and refreshment. The road was awesome…smooth! Dalhousie used to be a very popular summer holidayContinue reading “Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh”