How did we acquire our CWG 2010 tickets?

Here by we mean me and one of my friends. We first saw an ad in a major newspaper, the ad said that Common Wealth Games 2010 can be bought directly from select Honda showrooms. We went to the select Honda showroom nearest to our place, there the attendant said “This is a Honda showroom,Continue reading “How did we acquire our CWG 2010 tickets?”

Prayers do work in India!!

When the preparations of the Common Wealth Games 2010 started in New Delhi, the Indian citizens as well the media was very skeptical. Mismanagement on the part of the Organizing Committee,  asynchronization of various departments, dug up roads & footpaths, shortage of workers, delay of completion of infrastructural projects, missed deadlines, traffic snags, crowd managementContinue reading “Prayers do work in India!!”